As part of our normal service to our patients, the doctors can provide a sick note (known as statement of fitness for work) free of charge under national health guidelines.

There are a few ways in which a sick note can be provided, depending on the type of illness you have experienced and the period over which you are incapacitated and unable to complete normal activities. Please read all of the following in order to see which criteria is applicable to you.

In the first 7 days of all illnesses

In the first 7 days of all illnesses the patient should self certify their own illness using the form SC2 (self certificate) which should be available from your GP practice, your employer or from the Inland Revenue. For your convenience you can obtain an electronic version of the Inland Revenue Self Certification Form.

Private Statement of Fitness for Work

If your employer demands a sick note from your doctor in the first 7 days of any illness then the doctor will be able to provide a private sick note to comply with the request.

Please be aware that this type of sick note will be charged for and this cost is normally recoverable from your employer. If you require a private sick note within the first 7 days of illness please contact a receptionist.

If you are still ill after 7 days

If you are still continuously ill for a period longer than 7 days and you require a sick note for any purpose, such as for your employer, your doctor can prepare a sick note following a consultation with you either via the telephone (if you have been seen for the condition before) or at the surgery. This statement is usually provided for a period relevant to your condition.

This will be ready for collection 48 hours after the request is made or 72 hours if request is made over the weekend.

If you have a long term condition or have been discharged from hospital

If you are suffering from a long term condition or have been discharged from hospital and therefore have been unable to see one of our doctors during a period of illness, a doctor may be able to provide you with a sick note. In order to provide you with this sick note one of our doctors will need to see your hospital discharge letter or you may be asked to see a doctor or speak to a doctor on the telephone.

If you require a sick note for incapacity benefit

If you are suffering from a long term condition and are entitled to claim benefits then you may be asked to obtain a sick note for this purpose. The doctor can complete a sick note for this type of request. The agency providing the benefit will normally ask you to obtain this evidence. Please put this request in writing stating that you require a sick note.

If you require a sick note not already mentioned above

The above sick note covers most eventualities however you may be asked to obtain a sick note by another organisation such as an insurance company. In these circumstances a private sick note may incur a charge, however please contact a receptionist detailing the purpose of the evidence required and the practice will identify the best possible solution.

Please note that you should request a sick note well in advance of the due date. Please allow 48 working hours to prepare the document.

Further guidance can be found at Taking sick leave – GOV.UK (